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Welcome global hit music friends. INTERNATIONALHITRADIO.COM based on your daily music streaming. The station sounds like a music journey around the world.

international hit radio

INTERNATIONAL HIT RADIO Hits around the world based on your daily music streaming. Listening for free the Global Charts „Top 40“ & „Local #1“ Hits from the metropolises of the world. The easiest way to be up to date with the hits of our world every day. We are a global community – we love the hits of the world. 

Music is a universal language, new Harvard University study „Universality and Diversity in Human Song“ proves. Emotional musical expression easily transcends the borders between cultures. „Where words fail, music speaks“ Music is the language that is understood all over the world.

You can’t grasp it, but you can feel it with – almost – all your senses: Music accompanies us and is always a part of our lives. Music lets us experience extraordinary moments of happiness and has so much power to move us!


Music is an element that connects people around the world regardless of their origin and cannot be stopped by borders or reservations. Music has a unique opportunity to promote tolerance and experience new things. Music is the echo of being human.

Most of us hear music from the moment we are born, via lullabies, and through many of the most important occasions in our lives, from graduations to weddings to funerals. You know that moment when you hear songs and remember good old days with friends. Music Bonds Us Together.


There is something about music that seems to bring us closer to each other and help us come together as a community. Sometimes music is all you need to make you feel better. Music has also been linked to dopamine release, involved in regulating mood and craving behavior, which seems to predict music’s ability to bring us pleasure. Coupled with the effects on endorphins, music seems to make us feel good and connect with others.

But music is more than just a common pleasure. The studie reveal how it can work to create a sense of group identity. Musical taste is thought to function as a social “badge” of group membership, contributing to an individual’s sense of social identity. Music can help us connect, cooperate, and care for each other. This suggests that, if we want to have a more harmonious society, we would do well to continue to include music in our lives. The world has music for those who listen.

The Importance and Power of Music in our Society Music as identity marker: individual vs. Collective.

Music and collective identity: One song, many identities

Why is music the most beautiful thing in the world for you personally???

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