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Written by on March 21, 2022


Long road to overnight success…. „Heat Waves“ released in the middle of June 2020 is now march 2022 nearly 2 years later the biggest hit in the world.

Glass Animals (Twitter): Just can’t believe this and not sure how to process it ha. but thank you all so much for making this possible. for being so kind to us. for supporting us. and for embracing this little song. it’s such a personal one to me and for it to travel this far means the world.


The song rules Radio, Tik Tok and all Streaming Services.

Frontman Dave Bayley about the success of ‚Heat Waves‘ and their third studio album, Dreamland: 

“I was pretty sure this album was going to be a bit of a rubbish one, that it was just going to be a fart in the wind in the noise of the pandemic. Everyone was listening to the records they grew up with, and I didn’t really see our album fitting into that. It’s absolutely bonkers.”

2021 was huge for Dave & the Glass Animals, he reflect all the success:

„It’s quite hard to, because it seems when I start to think about how much has happened, it makes my head want to explode, in a good way, also in kind of a crazy way. It’s just completely unexpected and so much has happened to be honest, it’s really hard to wrap your head around.“


On Tik Tok „Heat Waves“ has been a window into everybody to have that sense of vulnerability. 

„Exactly, and to share it, I think that was pretty healthy in the pandemic, when everybody is feeling a little bit wavy maybe and a little bit out of sorts. The online communities really came into their own, and I felt like they were kind of why I was waking up in the morning. People were sending artwork through all the platforms to us, and that is what was getting me up in the morning.“


Dave about a “Heat Wave” lyric deep dive on 

„Did a thing with the lovely @Genius about Heat Wave. p.s. actually went in quite deep explaining the lyrics which I don’t normally like doing but everyone’s been so kind it kinda gave me the courage to go in xx“

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